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TH Bender is an executive recruiting company for companies seeking extraordinary talent to turn corporate strategies into reality.
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The TH Bender Executive Search offers many advantages

Knowledgeable support of
our international customers

Our international clients will benefit from working with our globally experienced account managers. Many of our team members have lived and worked, or were educated outside the United States. Their international perspective, combined with a long track-record in America is very beneficial helping you to find culturally aware executives who easily blend into your team.

Experienced, dynamic professionals convert plans into tangible results

Our team has been a reliable, competent partner for shareholders and executives of our clients since 2006. Track-record combined with extensive resources and commitment merges with attention to detail resulting in ‘things getting done right the first time’. 

Mastering corporate transitions are core to our work

Successful organizations undergo constant change. All changes require competent and committed executives to plan and execute. We can evaluate your existing resources and help you to either acquire required skillsets or form new teams.

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Our assignments span most US states and Canadian provinces


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Executive recruitment
Why you should bet on us

Headhunting in the USA - Linking Strategy, Human Resources, Tax, Law and Culture

TH Bender works closely with US-based, bilingual business experts who advise companies on business activities in the US market. These include lawyers, accountants, tax experts, financiers and insurance experts.

Recruitment of the management staff

The recruitment of management personnel is the most far-reaching decision that the management and shareholders of the parent company makes. It decisively determines the success or failure of the company.

Viable candidate selection

TH Bender's employees are professionals who provide a viable candidate selection for the decision-making process. We ensure that our clients are introduced to candidates who not only bring outstanding expertise, but can also fit into the culture of a German-speaking medium-sized company.

Individual solutions
We work for companies of all sizes - we support start-ups as well as global players. Our focus is consistent: Closely linking German entrepreneurial expectations with specific American working and market conditions.
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We make recruiting of bosses a matter for bosses

The success of your company with a branch in the USA or Canada stands and falls with the right executives. But how can you identify the right candidates for your company in the huge North American market who not only have the necessary qualifications but are also able to bridge the cultural gap between Europe and North America?


Business success through strong foreign subsidiaries

Finding qualified and motivated employees is crucial to the success of executives. Yet choosing a reliable recruiter who brings market knowledge and a compelling track record can be a significant challenge that continues to grow beyond national borders. With limited resources in the labor market, it is even more important to rely on experts. Capable HR consultants help companies not only to recruit, but also to achieve their business objectives in an efficient and timely manner.

Our unique value proposition

Why do companies retain TH Bender?

In the market for 16 years
Excellent network
European-American competence
Well-established team
Experience in all regions
Stellar success rate
Intercultural competence
Focus on medium-sized companies

We were recognized

TH Bender was awarded the German American Business Award 2021 in the category "Excellence in Services". The award of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce is one of the highest honors in the German-American business community.