About us

TH Bender is the largest North American executive search firm with a core focus on serving an international clientele. We place executives of the first- and second-management level in the USA and Canada. Founded in 2006 by German-Americans who enjoyed prior careers in international business in Europe, Asia and the US, we have proven to be a competent partner for global executives and shareholders alike.

International is in our DNA

Three quarters of our assignments have an international component.

Our 16-year track record speaks for itself

More than 450 successfully implemented projects from companies in worldwide.

Targeted search for bicultural experts

Our experience allows us to quickly assemble your optimal management team.

Our mission

Sophisticated Human Resources
consulting for international companies in North America

We recruit, evaluate, and help on-board executives and professionals with leadership responsibilities. With our support, our clients successfully execute their North American business strategy - whether entering the market for the first time, building a sales or manufacturing organization or maximizing the value of an investment with an exit strategy. We evaluate existing teams, help with succession planning and bring new teams together.
The four steps of the search process at TH Bender

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How it all began

Our origin

TH Bender was founded in Chicago in 2006 and has since become the leading executive search firm with Germanic roots in the US market. Individual support of medium-sized companies requires experienced professionals who are very familiar with the business and cultural expectations of their international employers. TH Bender serves the unique requirements of European and Asian medium-sized companies.

Global Mindset
About our team

At TH Bender, we are particularly proud of the fact that we are the only executive search and recruiting strategy firm in North America whose leadership team consists entirely of bicultural and bilingual professionals who grew up in Europe and have many years of experience in the North American market. We have all successfully lived and worked on several continents and in a variety of countries, working in both consulting and business organizations. Our multilingual consultants are supported by a 12-member team of long-term employees.

Tilman Bender

Executive Director | Washington, DC

Roland Bendel

Head of Corporate Finance, New York City, NY and Houston, TX

Christian Decker

Senior Management Consultant | Washington, DC

Bettina Bolla

Management Consultant I Charlotte, NC

Robert L. Caldwell, Ph.D..

Life Sciences Science Consultant | Washington, DC

Jessica Kenyon

Life Sciences Practice Advisor | Washington, DC

We can do that better than others

How do we differentiate ourselves?

Our success depends on the international client

Clients from outside the Americas are often exotics of marginal relevance to U.S. staffing firms. For us, however, the success of your branch is the linchpin of our business model. The middle market is our focus!

We have a flat
organizational structure

We are a well-coordinated team. Our highly experienced, client serving consultants are supported by a long-term team of full-time researchers and support staff.

We have an extensive
database and networks
Our candidate database has more than 300,000 entries. As a leading international executive search firm in America we maintain a strong national and regional networks with the relevant professional groups.
We have bilingual points of contacts
All account managers speak German and maintain an open culture of conversation. After all, some things are easiest to present in your native language.
Professional support of the negotiation process

Negotiating a job offer in the USA is demanding and time-consuming. Different compensation models, fringe benefits, expectations and tax differences require the support of experienced professionals. Take advantage of our knowledge of compensation models and market expectations.

We commit to our research efforts

Many searches are very specific and existing contacts are often not enough. We address up to 1,800 potential candidates in large searches - thanks to our excellent team of experienced researchers, we can also successfully complete demanding searches in niche areas in a timely manner. Convince yourself of the depth and quality of our service.

We have market and
cultural competence

We are familiar with American, Asian and European cultures. That's why our clients rely on us to find candidates who are successful in North America, but at the same time fit well in an international work environment with headquarters outside North America.

We are transparent

We share our knowledge! This includes information on compensation structures at other market participants as well as special market opportunities and challenges that appeal to potential candidates. From ident to current industry information - our knowledge is your knowledge!

We have a stellar track record

We helped a client go from zero to $1.2 billion in US revenue. Nine out of ten searches are completed with the first round of candidate presentations

Few companies are

Large recruiting firms can be very limited in which companies they are allowed to approach candidates. As a specialist, we can de facto recruit in any company you wish, as long as it is not a current or former client.

Our personal networks are broad and deep

Since 1997 we have been cultivating our personal networks on both sides of the Atlantic - take advantage of our contacts!

We maintain a regular presence in Europe
Our executives travel internationally up to six times a year to provide advice and support to clients and prospects. We always have our finger on the pulse, in Europe and in North America.
Our unique value proposition

Why do companies retain TH Bender?

In the market for 16 years
Excellent network
European-American competence
Well-established team
Experience in all regions
Stellar success rate
Intercultural competence
Focus on medium-sized companies