Recruiting in the USA

Article by Tilman Bender for the IHK-Stuttgart: With the officially announced end of the Corona pandemic, the outlines of a new labor market are emerging in the USA. After the so-called "Great Resignation", an astonishing wave of layoffs, partly triggered by generous payments to employees during the pandemic, many job changers are now facing disillusionment. [...]

"Excellence in Service" - TH Bender honored with the German American Business Awards 2021

October 25, 2021, Chicago: The German American Business Award is presented annually by the German American Chambers of Commerce (GACC). It is one of the highest honors in the German-American business community. The annual awards recognize German-American innovation and progress, honoring outstanding achievements by members. At the festive gala held at [...]

Management Board Report USA: Executives report on day-to-day business

Success in the USA is a combination of a bit of luck and experience. You can gain experience yourself or benefit from the wealth of experience of others. In order to improve the exchange of practitioners who have gained a lot of experience in the USA, we have set up a series of interviews: In these interviews, successful leaders from the German-American business world are interviewed. The [...]

TH Bender in Handelsblatt of 23.6.2021: Entry makes Germans prisoners in the USA

The still existing travel ban to the USA is a big burden for thousands of German citizens with US work visas. After a flight home, you are currently in many cases not allowed to re-enter the USA. Even for regular business travelers, the USA remains almost inaccessible. Tilman Bender reports on his experiences as head of the executive search firm [...]

Our founder in the press: What the cities of the future will look like after the Corona pandemic

Handelsblatt reflects on San Francisco's exodus; many streets resemble a ghost town. Last year, nearly 90,000 households left the city, and rents are plummeting. Tilman Bender, executive director of the German-American Business Roundtable (DABRT), recommends that San Francisco urgently invest in quality of life and reduce the high cost of living. Quality of life would be especially important in the post-Covid [...]

Instead of Trump's "America first," now Biden's "Made in America"

Many had hoped that Donald Trump's protectionist economic policy would improve significantly under the new President Biden. That was probably a mistake: Biden announced just a few days after taking office that it was not time for a comprehensive liberalization of protectionist trade policy. America, he said, should resume its leadership role. Anon [...]

Corona pandemic: exemption from entry bans and work restrictions in the U.S.

Since the beginning of 2020, citizens from high-risk areas, including Germany, are no longer allowed to enter the USA, and the issuance of work visas has also been significantly restricted (Corona Travel Ban and Nonimmigration Ban). This can cause major problems for business people and professionals. Fortunately, there are exemptions that allow entry into the U.S. even in these [...]

TH BENDER in the press: Impact of travel restrictions on SMEs

German SMEs with business relations or subsidiaries in the USA have been significantly affected by Corona. Above all, the travel and visa restrictions hit them hard. The experts of TH Bender report in the Handelsblatt. Click here for the external link (Handelsblatt).