Search process

Our way of working is characterized by great personal commitment, high professionalism, deep knowledge of German and American cultures, 30 years of professional experience in the US and detailed knowledge of the legal environment.

European-American professionals lead the search process

Intercultural competence is one of the key criteria for successful staffing

We place industry insiders

Our core competency is the identification and placement of suitable industry experts.


Your team is supported by a dozen researchers and has access to the best database in our industry.


The four steps of our search process

Each search process is accompanied from the very beginning by a senior partner who sets the important course for the optimal search. The creation of the requirement profile, the development of the search strategy, the assessment of candidates or the negotiation of complex contracts - the quality of the entire search process is guaranteed by German-American professionals.


Step 1:
Analysis and development of the candidate pool

Our clients can expect from us an intensive, customized search for management personnel. A detailed analysis of the industry and company structure in the home country as well as the target location is, of course, at the beginning of every consultation. Based on this, we create a comprehensive candidate profile and a target list of companies where the ideal candidate might currently be employed.

Executive search

Step 2:
Contact and selection by experienced recruiters

It is of great importance that candidates are contacted by an experienced German-American headhunter. Only through competence, experience and cultural sensitivity can a recruiter convince a successful employee to consider employment with a subsidiary of a non-US company. 

The screening of candidates is extensive. A multi-stage process is conducted, combined with telephone, video and face-to-face interviews, optional psychometric assessments, and detailed background and reference checks.

Due to our international background, we are able to evaluate to what extent the American candidate can fit into the culture of an international company.


Step 3:
We conduct rounds of Interviews

In the first round of interviews, usually three to six candidates are presented to the customer. Their selection is, of course, made by the customer, taking into account the recommendations of our company.

This round of presentations takes place in America and is always moderated by a senior partner from TH Bender. In nine out of ten cases, two finalists are already found after the first round. Further interview rounds take place at the European parent company.


Step 4:
Due diligence and contract negotiations

In America, it is customary for discussions on contractual terms to take place between the recruiter and the candidate - naturally in very close coordination with the future employer. Our services naturally include informing and advising the client on compensation and benefit models that are common in America. Coordinating legal reviews of the final agreement ensures that no unexpected problems arise after hiring.

Background checks and interviews with references take place in parallel. Psychometric analyses can be used.

We are so confident in our methodology that we offer a placement guarantee of up to twelve months.

Our unique value proposition

Why do companies retain TH Bender?

In the market for 16 years
Excellent network
European-American competence
Well-established team
Experience in all regions
Stellar success rate
Intercultural competence
Focus on medium-sized companies