USA overtakes China as Germany's top trading partner in the first quarter 2024

The news agency Reuters reported that, based on data from January to March 2024, the US has overtaken China to become Germany's number one trading partner. If this trend continues throughout the year, the USA will be Germany's most important trading partner from now on. This assessment is based on current data from the Statistical [...]

What explains the success of ALDI and LIDL in the USA?

A new article in the daily newspaper DIE WELT analyzes the success of ALDI and LIDL in the USA. ALDI, based in Batavia, Illinois, currently has more than 2,300 stores in 38 states, and plans to open 800 new stores by the end of 2028. LIDL, based in Arlington, VA (near Washington, DC), already has more [...]

With a controversial decision, the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) bans non-compete clauses for employees who change jobs

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is an independent agency of the US government whose main task is to enforce civil antitrust law and promote consumer protection. On April 23, 2024, this authority published a new regulation ("final rule"), according to which non-compete clauses for employees are largely inadmissible. Employers often try to use a written non-compete agreement to prevent employees from [...]

Handelsblatt reports that the USA is overtaking Europe in greentech growth

According to a new analysis published by Handelsblatt on April 4, 2024, the billions in incentives provided by the "Inflation Reduction Act" have been successful in the USA. An exclusive analysis by Handelsblatt shows: Green investments are booming in the USA while stagnating in Europe. The trend is clear: the USA is successful with its Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) subsidy program [...]

According to the March 2024 ISM report, the manufacturing industry in the US is growing at its fastest pace since 2022; nine industries report growth, but six report a decline

The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) has released its March 2024 Manufacturing ISM® Report On Business. Of note, the survey of U.S. suppliers found that economic activity in the manufacturing sector increased in March after contracting for 16 months. See The report states, "The PMI® for the manufacturing sector registered an increase in March [...]

Germany allows dual citizenship from June 26, 2024 without prior retention approval, making life easier for German "expats" in the USA

Previously, German citizens lost their German citizenship if they took on another citizenship (such as U.S. citizenship). Since 2000, however, it has been possible to apply in advance for a retention permit from the Federal Office of Administration. To do so, you had to prove strong ties to Germany and declare the need for dual citizenship. This is now changing with the new law [...]

The changing face of the U.S. labor market

Article by Tilman Bender for ExportManager magazine: The article provides insight into positive and negative developments since the Covid pandemic and explains why German companies in particular enjoy a high reputation among employees in the USA, which employers can use to their advantage. It is also important to understand which working conditions and additional benefits for employees are a major [...]

Recruiting in the USA

Article by Tilman Bender for the IHK-Stuttgart: With the officially announced end of the Corona pandemic, the outlines of a new labor market are emerging in the USA. After the so-called "Great Resignation", an astonishing wave of layoffs, partly triggered by generous payments to employees during the pandemic, many job changers are now facing disillusionment. [...]

"Excellence in Service" - TH Bender honored with the German American Business Awards 2021

October 25, 2021, Chicago: The German American Business Award is presented annually by the German American Chambers of Commerce (GACC). It is one of the highest honors in the German-American business community. The annual awards recognize German-American innovation and progress, honoring outstanding achievements by members. At the festive gala held at [...]

Management Board Report USA: Executives report on day-to-day business

Success in the USA is a combination of a bit of luck and experience. You can gain experience yourself or benefit from the wealth of experience of others. In order to improve the exchange of practitioners who have gained a lot of experience in the USA, we have set up a series of interviews: In these interviews, successful leaders from the German-American business world are interviewed. The [...]