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WHITEPAPER: Guidelines and recommendations for the selection of and collaboration with recruiters globally

Successful subsidiaries make successful parent companies

One of the main responsibilities of successful executives is finding qualified and motivated employees. Experienced executive recruiters can help achieve corporate goals and objectives, but reputable recruiters are few and far between. Locating reliable recruiters with relevant market knowledge and a solid track record of success can already pose a challenge within the job market of the parent company, but for a North American subsidiary, this can prove to be much more complicated.

The following topics are covered in this whitepaper:

North American recruitment projects require recruiters with knowledge and experience of the domestic job markets. At the same time, those specialists need to understand the challenges of a globally operating business, paired with the ability to identify entrepreneurial candidates with an affinity for medium-sized businesses. In addition to these crucial and relevant abilities, executive recruiters will have to be able to be a credible brand ambassador for the overseas headquarters of their client.

COMPANY BROCHURE: Top executives for your American subsidiary

Executive Search for Experts - Handled by our Experts

The success of your US or Canadian subsidiary depends as much as on the quality of the local executives as it does on the acceptance of your products and services. How can you master the challenge of identifying and attracting candidates who not only match the formal qualifications for the role but also have the cross-cultural experience to bridge the gap between your North American subsidiary and the parent company?

The following topics are covered in this brochure:

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